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Linden Whiskey
Welcome back, and great news! I've been diving more and more into Web development over the last few weeks and I gotta say, it's AWESOME! I've taken the last couple of weeks to rebuild my website from ground up, this time around using raw CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL and Javascript. It looks almost identical, aside from the image cards, of course but the biggest difference is underneath hood.

With the old website, every time I had a new art piece to upload, I had to open up a desktop website designer app, create a new page, insert my artwork, edit things like tags, thumbnail link, page title, Disqus forum code (so that each post had it's own comment section) as well as re-position the ad placements and what not and STILL I had to then dive into previous category pages and add new tabloids so that the art piece could be found in the catalog. Every time I had to do this whenever I uploaded a new piece.

Soooo since I got a taste of true web development with some projects i'm helping out with, I figured, I could sacrifice a few weeks if it's going to make the process of posting news and submissions easier later on.

The sire is pretty much operational now, there are only a few things I gotta add, mostly for convenience and ease of looking up artwork. For example there are 3 types of tags beneath each artwork piece, Franchise, Tags and Characters. I take time to fill out these tags whenever I upload a new piece, even though they currently don't do much. But when I get to it, you will be able to click on any tag and locate all the artwork pieces which contain the clicked tag.

So this is really now a part-blog website and I know that some of you might ask "why don't I just use Wordpress" and my answer to that is this - It's too impersonal and reconfigurable. That's really it. I did try to start with Wordpress but whichever theme I would try out, it would never offer a balance between my style of artwork categorizing and the visual organization of elements. There is always too much wasted space. When I took the building of the website into my own hands. I had control of every pixel, every element, every edge, nook and cranny. It's fantastic. Plus the subject really interested me. Don't get me wrong. If you're not into programming, its is not for you and WordPress is indeed a salvation solution in your case. I was simply really fascinated with web development. Besides, now I have a website which is solely unique to me - Linden Whiskey.

Anywho, enough rambling. I can now go back to drawing naked chicks!

Whiskey cheers,